Our Company, Henniger Investment S.A., is a family business founded entirely on Polish capital, based on the experience of the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board and stockholder Henniger Investment S.A. – Jacek Domogała. Our founder's 45 years worth of knowledge and experience, including 15 years in the heavy industry business, along with his personal values such as resourcefulness, initiative, courage and responsibility are passed down to new generations of entrepreneurs.


Every development is realised in accordance with Henniger Investment's mission and vision expressed in the 3S rule.
It is represented by the three Polish words that represent sincerity (pl. Szczerość) at every level of communication and action; reliability (pl. Solidność) of the quality of realization of our apartments; and respect (pl. Szacunek) toward the client, family, the city and the environment.

Since 2006 Henniger Investment has focused on acquiring and managing real estate, which has resulted in their current unmortgaged ownership of real estate and investment plots in cities including Krakow, Wrocław, Radzionków, Bielsko-Biała and Tychy. The company's capital is presently valued at over PLN 370 million, while all its developments are self-funded which guarantees their completion.

In the future Henniger Investment S.A. plans to continue its investment and development activities in Poland's major cities.


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